• The studio will be open 20 minutes prior to class start time

  • Please make sure to inform your instructor if you have any injuries or medical conditions before each class.

  • First time clients, please arrive ten minutes early for introduction.

  • Please arrive to class on time; clients will not be permitted to enter 10 minutes after class start time

  • Water is available for $1, cash only.

  • Please silence cell phones and leave them tucked away during class.

  • We encourage you to support and motivate each other throughout your classes but we ask that during class explanations/instructions you keep your talking to a minimum

  • Classes are 50 minutes. We ask that you stay through the end of our cool down as this is vital to your body's recovery. If you must leave early we ask that you move yourself to the back of the room prior to the cool down so you can slip out quietly without disrupting the rest of the class


  • VFS has a strict 12-hour late cancellation policy. Any classes missed or cancelled within 12 hours of class will be charged a full class credit (monthly members will be charged a $10 fee). Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis in the event of emergency only. 


  • We limit our class reservations to 12 clients. If an instructor chooses to add you from the waitlist you will receive an email from MindBody indicating the change.

  • You may receive an email from us when you have been added to class. This email will now read that you have been added from the waitlist and your spot has been guaranteed.

  • Please be mindful if you are on a waitlist and your plans change, you are responsible for removing yourself from the waitlist should you no longer want your spot. If you do not remove yourself and do not show up for class you will forfeit your class credit


  • We are happy to welcome ClassPass clients but we must institute the following policies:

    • You must be registered for the class you are taking, through ClassPass directly so that payment is secured prior to taking class

    • We limit ClassPass client spots in each of our sessions; if you are unable to register via ClassPass you may do so through MindBody directly

    • ClassPass clients are held to the same 12-hour cancellation policy as our clients and we are unable to waive cancellations under any circumstances.


  • We live in New England and as such we are fully aware of the potential for severe weather in our area. 

  • We are committed to keeping our classes on schedule through all types of weather and bringing you the best classes possible

  • The safety of our clients and our staff is of the utmost importance to us. As such, we will closely monitor the forecast and road reports to make cancellation decisions with safety in mind.

  • In the event that classes are canceled, we will do so with as much advance notice as possible. We will notify our clients the following ways:

    • The class will appear as CANCELLED in MINDBODY - please make sure to check if you have any questions

    • We will post any cancellations on Facebook and Instagram

    • We will send a mass email to all signed up for our newsletter - so please make sure you have opted in so you don't miss any announcements. 

    • We will do our best to email and text all registered clients as well but given the manual process it may not be possible

  • If you were registered for a class that was canceled, your class credit is automatically returned to your account.

  • If we do decide to remain open, our cancellation policy remains in effect. As our policy states, we will make exceptions to our policy in emergency and delicate situations. Please plan to give yourself extra time for shoveling, safe driving and traffic in snow or bad weather. We cannot make exceptions to our policy every time it snows. 


  • MiniSquad is our complimentary childcare service.

  • We ask that your child be a minimum of six weeks of age to attend, but if you are comfortable bringing them please do!

  • Space is limited; registration required

  • If childcare is available, you will see a class on the schedule and a coordinating MiniSquad class listed at the same time

  • You must sign up ahead of time to reserve a place for your child 

  • You must have a unique account for your children (separate from your own) in order to register

  • You must register yourself for the class and register your child(ren) for MiniSquad - please do not hold a child care spot if you are not signed up for class.

  • Our MiniSquad Leaders are not permitted to change diapers or assist in the bathroom.

  • All snacks must be NUT-FREE

  • Each time you arrive, please locate the sign-in sheet and sign your child in

  • Check your child's diaper or accompany them to the bathroom before class

  • Please do not allow your child to run around the studio after class to avoid any accidents or injuries

  • Try to arrive early your first few times using the service; sit with your child and help them acclimate to the environment

  • Bring the things that comfort them

  • We will always do our best to soothe your child - if you are needed, we will get you from class

  • Don't give up! Sometimes the first, or first few attempts don't go well. Feel free to stick around and show them that it's a safe place and you are right there. Come back and try again! We are here for you!

  • If you cancel yourself out of your class please be courteous to others and also remove your child(ren) from MiniSquad. If you do not cancel your child from MiniSquad you will be charged a no-show fee of $5


  • Go to the online scheduler and click sign up

  • Select “new to our site” and complete the information needed using THE NAME OF YOUR CHILD/CHILDREN

  • ALL children should share the same account

  • You must use a unique email address from your own account for your child/children

  • If you have multiple children and do not want to create an account for each child, please put ALL of their names in the first name field i.e.: "Samantha Mary." This way we will know there are two children when looking at registration.


  • BEFORE registering yourself for class, please sign your child/children up to ensure there is space available for them

  • If there isn't room in the class you would like to take, please remove your child/children from the time frame you signed them up for

  • You will never be required to make a purchase under your child/children’s account because all scheduled child care is free


As a mom being able to offer MiniSquad to our Squad is something I don't take for granted. That being said, in order for us to continue having MiniSquad we need our MiniSquad leaders healthy and we need to keep our childcare space free of germs!

We ask that if your child is sick to please stay home. It is with the best interest of our staff and our community that you do so and we appreciate your continued support and commitment to keeping VF a healthy, safe environment for all!

Please note, that in order to continue offering this free service, any late cancellations due to unexpected sickness will be fully charged.

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