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  1. by way of; through.

    • by means of.

Strength, Balance, Community​​

The three pillars on which ViaFit was born.

We believe that alone we can only do so much but together

we have the strength to do anything.

We believe that balance in all things leads to a happy,

healthy life. Why sacrifice your favorite treat for

a six pack, or sacrifice your fitness for your

favorite treat when you can have both?

We believe in the power of a supportive,

motivating and uplifting community. 

At ViaFit we help you navigate through all the

stages of your life through health and fitness.

Our community is what drives us forward.

We strive to create an environment of encouragement,

support and empowerment.

From the moment you step in our doors you are family,

whether it's for a day, a month, a year or longer.

We are only as strong as those women we surround

ourselves with and we are proud to be ViaFit! 

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